About Me

Hi, I’m Sean Canonica! I’m an entrepreneur, finance writer, and web content strategist in Auburn, Washington. Or, in much simpler terms, I build helpful websites for a living!

I graduated from the University of Washington in 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Writing has always been a strength for me, but college was where I learned how to take very complex topics and break them down for anyone to understand.

After graduation, I decided to jump straight into the digital marketing and content realm. Along with my twin brother and uncle, I co-founded and am the CEO of RateSonic LLC, an informational website that helps consumers learn more about insurance and find the best policy. While working on the site, I’ve written over 100 long-form articles on various personal finance topics, mainly centering on insurance. I also write personal finance and investing content for ComparisonAdviser.com, a financial services matching website.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending valuable time with my friends and family. You’ll also find me teaching martial arts, cooking, playing video games, or exercising.